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Religion, Peace and Democracy through Education and Learning


Two Church Families

The governing authority of Sankt Ignatios Theological Academy is the Sankt Ignatios Foundation. The foundation was established by the bishops of the Byzantine and Oriental Churches in Sweden with the mission of supporting Orthodox education and working towards unity between the two Church families.

Five Traditions

At present Sankt Ignatios Theological Academy represents five different Church traditions:

  • The Coptic-Orthodox tradition
  • The Syriac-Orthodox tradition
  • The Byzantine-Orthodox tradition (Slavic and Greek)
  • The Tewahedo-Orthodox tradition
  • The Church of the East

As part of the search for greater unity and deeper understanding between our two Church families, we seek to deepen the knowledge and understanding within, and between, each of these traditions.

Three Schools

Sankt Ignatios Theological Academy consists of three schools with the Sankt Ignatios Foundation as a joint collaboration organization:

Sankt Ignatios Community College which runs a profiled general education course as well as distance courses on leadership, theology and language.

Sankt Ignatios College which runs theological seminaries and vocational programs for service in the Church.

Sankt Ignatios Academy, a part of University College Stockholm (EHS), which represents a collaboration between the Sankt Ignatios Foundation and EHS since 2016, and provides higher education in the field of Eastern Christian Studies, from first to third cycle.

One Vision of Knowledge, Democracy and Participation

By helping the Orthodox Churches to expand their knowledge about their own traditions - through scientific study, dialogue and emancipation - we seek to equip them to participate in building a society marked by tolerance, respect and democracy, and foster a spirit of participation in the life of the Church.