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Religion, Peace and Democracy through Education and Learning

A word of welcome from the dean

Welcome to Sankt Ignatios, a place for timeless learning in an ever-changing world. Here you'll find monks with long beards living a spiritual life of prayer, as well as devoted politicians fighting for democracy and freedom.

Sankt Ignatios is a world of contradictions, but with meaning. Beginners as well as proficient researchers gather under the same roof. Bishops have Sankt Ignatios as their meeting place, but also youth organisations and businessmen working for the future of the Church and the community.

Here, knowledge is incorporated into your life and who you are, which becomes possible when knowledge is shared with others in humility and love. You are welcome to study here, visit us, work with us, or to just partake in the prayers or any of the multitude of activities that take place here.

Best regards,

Dr. Michael Hjälm