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Religion, Peace and Democracy through Education and Learning

Research Program in Eastern Christian Studies

Level: Third cycle (240 ECTS credits)

Organiser: University College Stockholm

Location: Södertälje & Bromma

Language of instruction: English

Length: 4 years (full-time) or 8 years (part-time)

Study pace: Full-time (100%) or part-time (50%)

Teaching hours: Daytime, Certain weekends

The research program builds upon the skills that students have acquired during their graduate studies. During the course of this program, those skills will be honed and developed. Upon completion, postgraduate students will be able to:

  • independently conduct qualitative research
  • publish their research in the research community as well as conveying their findings to a popular audience

At the research school in Eastern Christian studies, we believe that scientific study is most fruitful when it develops in a cooperative context, where different skills and ideas can enter into dialogue with each other. We also see scientific study as a creative contribution to the ongoing discourse that constitutes the field of Eastern Christian studies, a field which is born of the contemporary challenges faced by the Orthodox Church.

Doctoral candidates within Eastern Christian studies will be part of larger networks both within the Nordic countries and internationally, which allows for the possibility of short exchanges at other institutions.

We offer a creative research program where postgraduate students participate in, and actively contribute to the development of a research environment with reference to both the academy as well as Church and society.


The program complies with the guidelines for Swedish third cycle education and comprises 240 ECTS credits (course work amounting to 75 ECTS, as well as an independent scientific dissertation corresponding to 165 ECTS credits).


The program leads to a doctorate in theology with a focus on Eastern Christian studies.

Tuition & Financing Obligation

Tuition is free. However, candidates must demonstrate that they will be able to support themselves financially (external funding of research studies) while committing to a study pace of at least 20 hours per week (which corresponds to 50% of full-time study).


A Bachelor in theology is required with a degree at advanced level (master's degree or comparable), focusing on Eastern Christian Studies.

PhD Research Placements

For application information, contact Anne-Christine Lindvall (anne-christine.lindvall@ehs.se), Director of Education for the Academy.

Applications will be processed by the THS research faculty and the Research School for Eastern Christian studies. In order to be accepted, applicants must have the necessary qualifications. Applicants will be assessed on their prospects for completing postgraduate education within the prescribed time, and to an excellent standard. This assessment is based on previous academic results (where the quality of the applicant’s thesis plays a major role), the proposed research plan, as well as on how the proposed project relates to THS supervisors’ area of expertise and specialisations.