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Religion, Peace and Democracy through Education and Learning

General Education

Level: Primary & lower secondary level (SeQf level 2), Upper secondary level (SeQf level 4)

Organiser: Sankt Ignatios Community College

Location: Södertälje

Language of instruction: Swedish

Length: 1-4 years

Study pace: Full-time (100%)

Teaching hours: Daytime

Modern society is complex and places great demands on our knowledge and skills. In order to make progress in life we need to constantly renew ourselves. At Sankt Ignatios we see education first and foremost as a human calling: we humans are, by nature, curious and want to develop ourselves. Education also opens doors in life, helps to solve problems and to create opportunities. There are many circumstances that limit us as individuals, and which are beyond our control. Our personal and intellectual development, however, is within our own control. On the general education program, we want to encourage each other to cherish the potential of education. Education is often the best way to improve one’s life and circumstances.

On this course, participants advance their Swedish language skills and develop an understanding for how Swedish society functions. The course is equivalent to primary school and lower secondary school (where students work towards attaining entry requirements for upper secondary school) or upper secondary school (where students can attain entry requirements for further studies), thus this course can open the door to work, or to further studies at a vocational education or university.


Upon establishing the student’s goals and prior level of study, a personal study plan is elaborated wherein two levels are offered: primary and lower secondary level (SeQf level 2) and upper secondary level (SeQf level 4). The program will vary in length, between one and four years, depending on the student’s educational background.

The focus of the course is to develop Swedish language skills, both written and spoken, as well as english language skills, mathematics, and basic computer skills. In addition, the course has a special focus on democracy, health and physical activity. Participants can combine their studies with physical activity, while deepening their understanding of how Swedish society works and what a democratic outlook involves.

For those who want to study further at university or go on to more advanced vocational training, we can help you to get the necessary qualifications. If your goal is to progress directly to a job or vocational training we offer a language-focused track, directed to specific jobs for which there is a shortage of qualified workers. At present we offer options either to study the theory part of the Swedish driving test or to learn the vocational language required to work in the catering industry in Sweden. Both are taught in easy Swedish.

Examination Format

Community college studies are assessed based on attendance and active participation. For full-time studies, this means that the student should be present as a rule every Monday-Friday from 8.40-14.30, unless the teaching is arranged for another time or day, and complete all tasks that are included in the course. If a student's absence is higher than 20%, the school has the right and obligation to remove the student from the program, which also means that any student financial aid for the program will be withdrawn.

Certificate of Completion & Study Assessment Report

If you participate in all parts and complete all tasks that are included in the course, you will receive a certificate of completion and a study assessment report after the end of the course.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition at Sankt Ignatios is free for everyone with citizenship or residence permit in Sweden or another EU country. However, we do charge a service fee for studies at the college or community college. For full-time studies this fee is SEK 1200 per semester. The service fee covers things like insurance, administration, and some materials used by students in connection with their studies.

Student Financial Aid

Participants of this course who are Swedish citizens are eligible to apply for student loans and grants via The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN). In some cases, participants who are not Swedish citizens but who have a residence permit in Sweden may also be eligible to apply for student loans and grants via CSN. Applicants must be prepared to validate their eligibility by providing documentation detailing previous education, since this will determine the outcome of their application for student financial aid.

Read more about how to apply for student financial aid via CSN at www.csn.se.

Participants who are not eligible to apply for student financial aid via CSN are encouraged to investigate whether they can apply for student financial aid in their home country for studies at Sankt Ignatios.

Utilising student financial aid is however not required in order to study at Sankt Ignatios.

Next course start: Fall term 2020

Applicants within Sweden:

Application period: March 15 - April 15.

Occasionally, additional application periods for late application are opened, depending on available spots. Such application periods are announced on our website shortly before opening.


The course has no specific prerequisites.

Requirements for Admission

Applicants are required to be over the age of 18 and have a citizenship or residence permit in Sweden.

Admissions Process

March 15 - April 15: Print and fill out the application form (PDF) for this course and send it to us by post. You can also apply by visiting the school in Hovsjö. The address is Gröndalsvägen 1, 151 65 Södertälje.

Interview:After applying you will be called to an interview where we assess which level of study is most appropriate for you.

August 19 - August 23: Course start and introductory week.

If the course has too few participants

If the course has too few participants after the last application date, the course may be cancelled. If a course is cancelled, students will be informed of this no later than one week before the course starts. Any fees paid will be refunded.

If for some reason we want to close an ongoing course, the students will be notified at least one semester in advance.

Applicants outside Sweden:

This course is not open for applicants outside Sweden.