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Religion, Peace and Democracy through Education and Learning

Our vision

The responsible authority of the Sank Ignatios theological academy is the Sankt Ignatios foundation, whose board consists of the bishops of the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches in Sweden. The foundation was created in order to support the orthodox education and the work towards unity between the two Churches.

Vision and mission statement

Sankt Ignatios is a unique institution in its composition, its contents and its goals. It is an important part of the establishment and development of the Orthodox Churches in Sweden, as well as the development of Swedish society.

The holy Ephraim the Syrian says: "Truth and Love are wings that cannot be separated, for Truth cannot fly without Love, nor can Love soar aloft without Truth." The Orthodox Churches have chosen to make education the basis of their cooperation in Sweden. With the words of the holy Ephraim, Sankt Ignatios wants to combine the pursuit of knowledge with love.

Sankt Ignatios comprises two Churches, the Eastern Orthodox and the Oriental Orthodox Churches. Both express and retain deep historical roots within the traditions of the holy, catholic and apostolic church.

The Churches are not united, but have in Sweden mutually committed to work towards unity, not through negotiations, but by searching deeply in our roots for the truth. In this we have discovered that we do not need to compromise the truth to gain unity, but that we must add love and respect to our pursuit for it to bear fruit. The bishops on the board have agreed upon seven theses as a path towards unity (see the link below).

Sankt Ignatios currently comprises three traditions - the Byzantine/Slavic, the Coptic and the Syriac. With the desire for unity and understanding between our two Churches and with the sources of our three traditions as a starting point, Sankt Ignatios wants to deepen the knowledge in each of these, increase the knowledge of the others and seek unity through the knowledge that will be perfected within the mystery of love.

Sankt Ignatios wants to shape an environment characterised by mutual respect, thorough study and a pedagogy of humility.

Through knowledge in one's own tradition - which rests on scientific study, dialogue and emancipation - Sankt Ignatios wants to equip the Orthodox Churches to participate in a common community building characterised by tolerance, respect and democracy.

Seven Propositional Theses