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Religion, Peace and Democracy through Education and Learning

Term Dates

Sankt Ignatios Community College (campus):

Autumn term 2019/2020

Start August 19

End December 20

Autumn break week 44 (October 28 - November 2)

Spring term 2019/2020

Start January 7

End June 9

Spring break week 9 (February 24 - February 28)

Easter break week 15 (April 6 - April 10)

Easter Monday April 13

Labour Day May 1

Ascension Day May 21

Sweden’s National Day June 6

Sankt Ignatios Community College (distance courses):

Autumn term 2019/2020

Start August 19

End December 20

Spring term 2019/2020

Start January 7

End June 16

Sankt Ignatios College:

For courses at the community college level, the dates for Sankt Ignatios Community College (campus) above apply, with two exceptions: At Sankt Ignatios College easter break takes place during week 16 (April 13 - April 17), and the students also have Good Friday off (April 10).

For courses at university level the dates for Sankt Ignatios Academy below apply.

Sankt Ignatios Academy:

Fall term 2019/2020

Start August 26

End January 19

Spring term 2019/2020

Start January 20

End June 5

Application for Leave of Absence

Attendance is compulsory for all students at all of our campus programs. If a student has special reasons, limited leave can be granted as follows:

Sankt Ignatios Community College:

Leave of up to five days can be granted by the Dean of General Education. More than five days can only be authorised by the Dean of Sankt Ignatios Community College.

Dean of General Education

Fr. Serafim Smensgård


+46 (0)8-55 76 63 82

Dean of Sankt Ignatios Community College

Dr. Michael Hjälm


+46 (0)8-55 10 52 11

Sankt Ignatios College:

Leave of one half day can be granted by each seminary's site manager and up to five whole days by the Deputy Dean of Sankt Ignatios College. More than five days can only be authorised by the Dean of Sankt Ignatios College.

Site manager - Sankt Ignatios Byzantine & Coptic Seminaries

Archimandrite Jean Mansour


+46 (0)8-55 10 52 18

Site manager - Sankt Ignatios Syriac-Orthodox Seminary

Johan Andersson


+46 (0)8-55 76 63 83

Site manager - Sankt Ignatios Tewahedo-Orthodox Seminary

Teshale Hailie


Deputy Dean of Sankt Ignatios College

Daniel Öhrvall


+46 (0)8-55 76 63 81

Dean of Sankt Ignatios College

Dr. Michael Hjälm


+46 (0)8-55 10 52 11

Sankt Ignatios Academy:

With regard to lectures; after contact with the teacher for the course in question, an absence of up to 20% of the lecture time can be accepted without further action. If the teacher judges it as possible, a student who has more than 20% absence may be allowed to perform supplementary assignments, so that lost teaching is compensated for and the student can take part in the course process and complete the studies in a satisfactory manner. In case of an absence of 50% or more, the student is regarded as having left the course, even if examination tasks have been completed.

100% attendance is required at seminars, group exercises and other forms of individual or group presentations. Scheduled seminars and group exercises at EHS are mandatory. Preparation for these and active participation in them are counted as part of the assessment for the course. The teacher in each course determines the type of preparation and participation required. In case of absence, the teacher can request a supplementary assignment instead.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition at Sankt Ignatios is free for everyone with citizenship or residence permit in Sweden or another EU country. However, we do charge a service fee for studies at the college or community college.

Students who live at the school are also charged a fee for meals and accomodation.

Service Fee

The service fee covers things like insurance, administration, refreshments (for on-campus courses) and some materials used by students in connection with their studies.

Programs and courses at campus

Full-time: SEK 1200 per term

Part-time: SEK 600 per term

Distance Courses

Part-time: SEK 400 per term

Course Literature & Materials

It is each student’s own responsibility to obtain the required course literature.

Participants in the course Icon Painting - A Practical and Theoretical Introduction receive a starting kit with all the materials needed to paint an icon. Further materials must be bought by the students themselves.

Boarding Fee

A boarding fee for meals and accomodation is paid monthly when living at the school. The boarding fee is never refunded and is terminated as the studies cease or the rental contract is terminated.

Students must give one month’s notice before ending their rental contract. The school can evict the student if the studies are terminated, the student violates the rules for the accommodation, or the student fails to pay fees.

First year

Dormitory: SEK 2500 per month (9 months per year)

Double room: SEK 3500 per month (9 months per year)

Second-fourth year

Dormitory: SEK 3500 per month (9 months per year)

Double room: SEK 4500 per month (9 months per year)


Small room: SEK 6000 per month

Large room: SEK 7000 per month

Room with your own toilet: SEK 8000 per month

Unpaid Bills

We assume that you will pay the fees that apply to you, but in the unlikely event that you do not pay your bills within the due date, the following will occur:

1. You will receive a new invoice with an additional administration fee of SEK 100 to be paid within 10 days.

2. If you have not paid within 10 days, the case will be sent to debt collection.

For as long as your bills remain unpaid, you will not receive any study certificate, study assessment report, or diploma, nor be able to continue at the school the next semester/academic year.


All students at Sankt Ignatios are insured. The insurance applies 24 hours a day with respect to accidental injury occurring in connection with school work or internship.

Those who live at the school must take out their own home insurance. Please note that personal possessions are not covered by the school's insurance. Students who live at the school are asked to check that they are covered by their own home insurance.

Study & Career Guidance

If you need to talk to someone about your future in connection with employment or further training you can talk to our guidance counsellor. The guidance counsellor can help you if you:

  • Want to discuss your study or employment choices.
  • Wonder about the qualifications needed for particular courses or training and how to enter them.
  • Need support with your studies or help with planning your studies.

If you would like to arrange a time for study & career guidance you are welcome to call or e-mail our guidance counselor and book an appointment.

Guidance counsellor

Johan Andersson


+46 (0)8-55 76 63 83

Student Representation

Sankt Ignatios Community College & Sankt Ignatios College:

Student Council

At the school there is a student council. The Student Council consists of students from each of the school's different programs and has its own budget of SEK 20,000 per academic year. Students at the school also have the opportunity to make their voices heard in class councils and faculty meetings. At the student accommodation at Tysslinge and Viksberg, the residents meet twice a semester, and more often if necessary. The school's students also have a representative on the school's board.


Evaluation takes place at the school three times per term, and in these everyone has the opportunity to share (anonymously) what they think about the school and the study environment. At the end of each course there is also an evaluation of the whole course. These evaluations are a part of the school's systematic work of raising standards.


In the first instance contact should made with the relevant teacher, and following that with the director of the school. If this does not satisfactorily resolve the issue, contact the rector, then the school board and then the FSR for advice. For contact information see under “student rights”.

Sankt Ignatios Academy:

More information about student representation at Sankt Ignatios Academy can be found here.

Student Rights

From The Swedish National Council of Adult Education’s publication Your Rights at a Community College.

The community college is a form of education that is guided by broad objectives and there are few common rules. The financial contributions from the state that community colleges receive are distributed by The Swedish National Council of Adult Education. There are conditions attached to these contributions, but The Swedish National Council of Adult Education does not have the responsibility of reviewing and controlling the schools. The laws which govern other schools in Sweden do not apply to community colleges and there are no government curricula for community colleges.

For those of you who are studying at community college, this means that it is the school's board that makes most of the decisions that affect your situation and your rights at the school. In order to strengthen the legal position of everyone who is studying at a community college, there is the Community College's Student Rights Council, in Swedish: Folkhögskolornas Studeranderättsliga Råd (FSR).

Unhappy? In a conflict? Follow this procedure!

Are you dissatisfied with your situation or are you in conflict with the school? The first thing to do is approach the school’s Dean. If you are still not satisfied after having raised the question with the Dean, you should report your case to the school board. Once they have taken a position on the issue and if you are still not satisfied, you can report your case to the FSR.

What questions can you raise?

Detta är exempel på vilken sorts frågor som kan anmälas till FSR:

  • Your course does not live up to what the school promised
  • The school has provided incorrect information about mandatory costs
  • Lack of representation and student rights
  • The school's routines for monitoring student results and attendance are lacking
  • A course ends or is cancelled
  • Disciplinary measures (e.g. suspension and expulsion)

It is not possible to appeal against student appraisals to the FSR or to any other body outside the school.

It is only possible to submit a complaint to the FSR if your course is longer than 15 days and any complaint must be submitted to the FSR no later than one year after you left the school.

Vad händer efter en anmälan?

It is the board of the community college that is responsible for the activities at the school and that determines which rules should apply. Therefore, the FSR considers each case based on the community college's own rules and conditions.

The FSR can never change the school's decision, but instead we give recommendations to the school. Up to now, most schools have followed the recommendation from the FSR.

Would you like to know how the FSR has responded in different cases? Read more here.

Records & Privacy

Our goal is to store documents securely and to be able to provide students with copies of documents after their studies are completed. Application documents are kept at the chancellery during the course of the education. All certificates (originals) are distributed or sent to the students after or in connection with the completion of a course or program. A copy of each certificate is kept at the chancellery.

Two copies of the rental contract are drawn up, one for the student and one for the school. The school’s copy is stored at the chancellery during the rental period and is then destroyed.


Sankt Ignatios chancellery contains a reference library that is available to all students who want to sit there and read. We are working to make it possible to borrow books in the future.

At University College Stockholm, which Sankt Ignatios Academy is a part of, there is a library for those studying at the university or in connection to it.

If a Course or Program is Cancelled

If a course or program is cancelled, students will be informed of this no later than one week before the course or program starts. Any fees already paid will be refunded.

If for some reason we want to close an ongoing course, the students must be notified at least one semester in advance.