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Programs and courses

Sankt Ignatios offers several opportunities for Eastern Christian studies at different levels, both for those who aspire to become a priest or religious educator, and for others who are interested in a career in academia or who wish to study for their own interest. We also offer a course for general education, as a preparation for further studies or work.

The application period for citizens of Sweden and other EU-countries starts March 15 and ends April 18.
Citizens of non-eu countries should apply immediately.

One Year for the Church - Introductory year to Orthodox theology and tradition

A one year course for those who belong to an Orthodox church and want to immerse themselves in their identity as a Christian, but also for those who are merely curious about the Eastern Christian tradition for other reasons.

The program takes place at the folk high school and after completion you will get a diploma. You also have the possibility to do an ecclesial examination for a diploma, which allows you to continue your studies directly from year two of one of our longer programs.

Detailed course information (PDF)

Pastoral Program

A four year program as a preparation for ordination at an Orthodox church. The program includes academic studies as well as more practically oriented courses in the folk high school.

The program leads to a B.A in Theology focusing on Eastern Christian studies, as well as a pastoral examination.

Detailed program information (PDF)

Religious Educator Program (Malphono/Marigeta)

A six year program that endows you with a great mastery of Eastern Christian theology and tradition, and prepares you to serve as a teacher within the Church. The program includes academic studies as well as more practically oriented courses focused on pedagogy in the folk high school.

The program leads to an M.A in Theology focusing on Eastern Christian studies and pedagogy, as well as a religious educator/Malphono/Marigeta examination.

Detailed program information (PDF)

The Sources of the Faith in History and Present - Web course

Part-time two year course. Year one starts fall 2017, but it's possible to begin studying with the start of each module and take the modules in the given order.

The Course consists of the following modules:

  • Church history, 4/9-22/12
  • Ecclesiology, 13/11-9/3
  • Liturgy, 12/3-29/6
  • Apostolic scriptures, 2/1-20/4
  • Patristics 1, 23/4-29/6

No special entry requirements. The literature is in English and the course is taught in English or Swedish.

The course is provided at the folk high school level which means attendance is a requirement to pass. Thus all assignments and readings must be performed and presented in the prescribed form in order to receive a diploma.

Applications must be made at least one week before the specific course module starts.

Preparatory courses in theology

We also offer several preparatory courses in theology with varying focus and in various languages such as Arabic, Tigrinja and Swedish. These courses are often based on a combination of local lectures and studies/conversation online.

E-mail us for information about current courses.

General Education

The general education is for those who lack general entry requirements and want to learn Swedish and other general subjects in order to move on to upper-secondary and higher education. The course takes place at our folk high school in Hovsjö, Södertälje.

Detailed course information (Swedish only) (PDF)