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Professor Andrew Louth to be awarded the Order of Sankt Ignatios for 2019

The official declaration for the 2019 Order of Sankt Ignatios reads as follows:

"The Reverend Professor Andrew Louth is awarded the 2019 Order of Sankt Ignatios in recognition of his pioneering development of patristic studies. In his endeavour to unravel the philosophy and faith of the Christians in the first millennium, Professor Louth has paved the way for new methods in discerning the mystery. Through his groundbreaking work, dogmatics has been integrated with spirituality, where thought and life become one in the life of the Christian. In the work of Professor Louth, this has provided a key in his search for the authentic description of the patristic fathers. The theories and methods provided by Professor Louth unfold within a variety of disciplines, such as ecclesiology, epistemology and liturgical studies. His legacy will therefore continue to blossom and find new paths in the future."

The award ceremony will be held in December, during the conference Contemplative Traditions, theory and practice in Sigtuna, Sweden.